Claire McKeown of Honey Child

on Pet Sounds

"Pet Sounds has influenced me by showing me that you can create music that is beautiful, melodic, and also push your listener into a musical world that is deeper and more challenging than most pop music. As a classical musician, this is very important to me. I must be honest that I still don’t know what key “God Only Knows” is in. Brian Wilson seems to be hiding the tonal center, and just when you think you know where you are, he throws you into a different world with no reasoning of how you even got there. This mystery is what keeps me obsessed. This said, you can just let go of your mind and bask in the beauty of the melody." Consequence of Sound 

Buzzbands premiered our single and video for 'Sleepy Hands'. - "Honey Child‘s Claire McKeown and her angel choir have a new soul-soothing cocoon of a song for those suffering from politically induced anxiety. She says, “Last November was a tough month for all. We collectively sunk into a pretty negative and fearful state. I went pretty darn low and this song broke me out of that dark prison. While slipping into the possibilities of where the blatant hate in this country can reach, this beautiful complex song fell out of me, to remind that ‘there’s only one way out, and that’s through it."

"Honey Child is a self-described “heroine-folk” chamber-pop choir spearheaded by opera singer and keyboardist Claire McKeown. ...became disenfranchised with the privilege and conservatism she found within the classical-music clique. Following a nervous breakdown and an alleged drug-induced conversation with the devil (yeah, we’ve all been there), she instead opted to let her freak flag fly and come to the true dark side: indie music."​ - Magnet Magazine

"This ensemble of women truly represent the meaning of girl power, unity, and talent." -

A Los Angeles Day in the Life, with Honey Child's Claire McKeown -  BlackBook

"a religious experience"
"a majestic, lavish affair that will take you to a world of surrealness and wonder." -Ladygunn

"The band doesn’t really fit in any category, featuring broad baroque pop influences on their eponymous record that came out in early February. McKeown’s powerful vocals tower benevolently overhead, while her bandmates create a choir over acoustic instrumentation."  Grimy Goods

You can watch us performing live on Jam in the Van